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DIY overnight face masks

Nowadays people have been working all day and night because of their busy schedules. Sometimes you will not get enough sleep to give rest to your skin. You should know that every day you have to sleep for about 8 hours, which will give time for your skin to regenerate and repair. This is the essential step and it will also help to make your skin glowing. Skipping your night’s sleep is not the best option because your stress will show on your face.

Overnight face masks for glowing skin will help with different skin problems. Face masks vary from the type of problem you are having with your skin. Next are some DIY overnight face masks.

smooth skin

Acne fighting overnight masks:-

This is one of the popular overnight homemade face mask recipes. You should know that potato and green tea have various vitamins and antioxidants which can help to fight acne marks and scars from the skin. You just have to add one tablespoon of green tea to the one tablespoon of potato juice. Then you have to take cotton balls and dip them into the mixture. Put it on the skin overnight. You will see a great result next morning when you wipe your face with cold water.

Oat milk sleep mask:-

If you are looking for a mask that can control your face oil then this is the best option. With this mask, you can hydrate your skin and it will also cleanse your skin in the best way. You don’t have to put the oat milk in overnight, you just have to add this to your skincare routine. You will get smooth skin. For preparing you just have to blend the milk with the lavender & chamomile oil. For smooth and glowing skin, you can also add half a tablespoon of honey.

Overnight shea butter hand mask:-

For this mask, you will need shea butter, lavender oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and beeswax pellets. You have to put all these mixtures in the pan except for lavender oil. Heat the pan and melt it. After the heating process, cool it down for several hours. After some time add lavender oil to the mixture and mix it. You can apply it to your face, hands, and legs. It will give you smooth and glowing skin. It will also help you to reduce the stress on the face.